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Apocalypse Tongs Fireplace Tool, Camping Gear, Fire Tongs, Grilling, Hunting, Dutch Oven

A New Way to Play with Fire

I fabricated my first pair of Apocalypse Tongs 10 years ago to make Dutch oven cooking with my family easier. We quickly realized they were also an indispensable tool around the barbecue grill, the  chiminea, the fire pit and fireplace.


Apocalypse Tongs are so tough that my family started joking that they would survive an Apocalypse. We started calling them Apocalypse Tongs, and the  name stuck. Although they have never been field tested during a mutant uprising, alien invasion or zombie outbreak, I'm confident they will come in handy should any of these scenarios ever unfold.



Every pair of tongs is hand-made from galvanized  steel, so they’ll never break, and they’re highly rust-resistant.


You'll buy this tool only once, then pass it down to your children. Apocalypse Tongs are simple but well-designed, hand made from galvanized steel. They're not pretty, but if you believe in buying gear that's virtually indestructible, they'll change the way you make fire because there is not another tool like this.


Barbecue Grilling
Dutch Ovens
Fire Pits
Camping Equipment (Nice on Hunting Trips) 

Really Big Splinters

Doomsday Scenarios


(Please note: Apocalypse Tongs are not recommended for direct food contact.)