Fire Pit Tongs

Chiminea, Fireplace & Fire Pit Tongs
(that actually work)

Tired of chasing logs around like olives in a salad bowl? Apocalypse Tongs give you complete control over log placeent. Our chiminea / fire pit tongs are for true fire geeks who know how to finesse a fire, but have never found the perfect tool.


Traditional fire tongs just don't cut it ...

Scissor-style tongs only hold logs at a 90 degree angle--not much use for precise log placement (especially in the confines of a chiminea), while Apocalypse Tongs allow you to grip logs at multiple angles, providing a sure grip with one-handed operation. They don't break, and they have no bolts or rivets to rust away. This is a tool your family can hand down for generations.


Fire pokers are even worse

What about a poker stick? Come on, we're not neanderthals; we have tools now, and Apocalypse Tongs are the best fire-handling tool.


Hand made in America from unbreakable, rust-resistant galvanized steel. Enjoy them, work them hard, then pass them down to your children.